Long Travel Kit | DK-542908

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Long Travel Kit | DK-542908

The Dirt King long travel kit was developed to drastically improve the vehicles off-road handling without compromising its day to day driving characteristics. This suspension system allows for 13.5” of travel and accepts up to a 37” tire. The kit is compatible with 2WD models and 4WD models along with the purchase of extended axle shafts. Our upper and lower arms are designed with 1” stainless steel uniballs for the outer pivots instead of ball joints for strength and increased articulation. This kit is the first of its kind, it’s a complete bolt on application with no cutting or welding to the frame on 4WD models. The suspension system was originally developed for Ram Trucks new concept vehicle, the Ram Rebel TRX which was released in mid-2016. After its amazing performance we decided to put the kit in production and make it available to the public!